Alonso Group, a constant add of actions in support of sustainability

07The continuous work of the holding company to promote policies in favour of the environment and sustainability continues. A daily effort on the part of its 2,521 professionals distributed across five continents. The commitment to green hydrogen, the railway or the automation of its terminals are some of the important examples.
Alonso Group three business areas, involved in the sustainability policy.
Alonso Group three business areas, involved in the sustainability policy.

Alonso business group, made up of more than a hundred companies dedicated to Logistics, Energy and Infrastructures and the Leisure and Services sector, continues to promote sustainability in all its activities to boost the decarbonisation of the economy. In a fiscal year that has reached 1.655 million euros, many of the companies in its three business areas already have the Calculate and Reduce Stamp awarded by the Ministry of Ecological Transition. This is a badge that recognises the actions undertaken to quantify and reduce carbon dioxide emissions, which takes into account the consumption data of each company or the sources of emissions and their reach.

The Calculate and Reduce Stamp also serves as a source of information for decision-making aimed at improving efficiency. A policy in favour of sustainability and the environment, on the part of one of the country’s main logistics groups, which has been recognised at an institutional level.

Green hydrogen, an alternative on the rise

Among the far-reaching actions implemented by the Alonso Group with the aim of continuing to contribute to the future of the planet, it has recently promoted the creation of Diverxia H2. A company integrated in its Energy and Infrastructures division that works in the development and execution of green hydrogen generation projects in the field of logistics and goods transport. A further commitment to innovation and renewable energies through what is already known as the fuel of the future. Diverxia H2 also has the backing of its parent company Diverxia Infrastructure, a company integrated in the holding company with more than 15 years of experience in the renewable energy sector worldwide.

The launch of Diverxia H2 coincides with the adhesion of Alonso Group to the H2VLC-Valencia Green Hydrogen Valley Programme– which, together with the main Valencian public and business institutions, aims to promote green hydrogen. The holding company is also involved in the Working Commission of the Renewable Hydrogen Strategy of the Valencian Community 2030. Finally, Alonso Group has signed an exclusive agreement with the CMT University Institute of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) to receive technological support in the research and development of this fuel.

Diverxia H2, an Alonso Group company working with green hydrogen
Diverxia H2, an Alonso Group company working with green hydrogen.
Railways, a great ally

Likewise, in its drive for sustainable logistics, the development of the railway and intermodality play a leading role. Alonso Group has been working for years on the Global Logistics Plan, which involves connecting its main logistics platforms with the main centres of maritime freight traffic through multi-customer and multi-product trains on the Iberian Peninsula, with departure to the rest of Europe. A commitment to intermodality that involves diverting road traffic, which is much more polluting, to rail. The holding company’s Global Logistics Plan has been classified as “strategic” by the European Commission and has been financed through the “Connecting Europe” Mechanism.

In the same way, the development of platforms that allow the Urban Distribution of Goods is being promoted through the implementation of railway terminals in the proximity of the centres of consumption with a sustainable last mile distribution, through “zero emissions” vehicles. This is a small revolution in favour of a more sustainable and long-lasting transport system, the purpose of which is to ensure the future of the next generations.

Automation for efficiency

Another of the key aspects that Alonso holding company has been working on in its environmental policy is the implementation of automation systems for terminal procedures -both maritime and land- that allow for more efficient handling of goods. This automation also allows greater real-time traceability of the cargo, a key aspect for both internal processes and customers. An implementation that Alonso Group will continue to promote, through its IT (Information and Technology) department, throughout all the links in the supply chain of which it forms part.

In short, Alonso Group is aware that the future of the planet inexorably depends on continuing to promote sustainable development and social and economic growth, in order to continue to be useful to the society of which it is a part. This is the constant commitment of its 2,521 professionals spread over five continents.