Legendario adds a new product to its portfolio: Ron Legendario Añejo Oro

From Cuba to the world. Legendario has just launched a new product: Ron Legendario Añejo Oro. With its “Let the party begin” campaign, the spirit is aimed at a young public that seeks to enjoy life with every sip. It is handcrafted from a natural ageing process that results in a delicate and intense flavour.
Ron Legendario Añejo Oro, el último lanzamiento de la marca.
Ron Legendario Añejo Oro, the brand’s latest launch.

Legendario, one of the world’s most popular Cuban rum brands, has just launched Ron Legendario Añejo Oro, adding another rum variety to its extensive portfolio. This new product is aimed at a young, independent audience that enjoys life with every sip.

With character and high quality, Ron Legendario Añejo Oro is handcrafted from a natural ageing process that results in a delicate and intense flavour to enjoy blended, in cocktails or on the rocks. A rum from Cuba to the world.

Ron Legendario Añejo Oro: quality and fun

The master rum maker has employed legendary techniques that have resulted in a rum with tasting notes characterised by a smooth, intense entry on the palate and smoothness as it travels the length and breadth of the palate. A balance obtained from its natural ageing in the finest American white oak barrels. To the eye, Ron Legendario Añejo Oro is a slow, bright amber colour, with a smooth, deep aroma.

With its launch campaign “Let the party begin”, the brand seeks to get closer to the young public, betting on a product that is associated with fun. An explosion in the form of exceptional moments to enjoy and share. Ron Legendario Añejo Oro is the perfect combination of the highest quality and unparalleled experiences.

Legendario, from Cuba to the world

Legendario, a company renowned for its Elixir product and for a wide portfolio of products that includes Bowtie gin, 9550 vodka and Ronsée, stands out as a brand with character that is committed to the artisanal manufacture of its products in Cuba. Respect for the origin and the implementation of the most traditional methods are some of its hallmarks.

The brand is currently immersed in a process of international expansion with the aim of establishing itself in the world’s main markets, and is present in more than 30 countries.